Thursday, April 3, 2014

In the Nehru-Gandhi Backyard

We became regular visitors to the Teen Murti Bhavan premises, the former residence of Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. This indeed is a dynasty building where Indira Gandhi's children played around. There are these vintage pictures of Rajiv Gandhi standing with grandfather Nehru, pictures of the Kennedy's relaxing in the back verandah facing the big lawn and so on and so forth. The premises now hold the residence of Nehru turned into a museum, the Nehru Memorial Library which according to the history teacher in the household is one of the best libraries in India, and the Nehru Planetarium which we intend to visit when a planetarium will start making sense to the boy.

So the recent development is that since the father wants to attend a lecture series happening in the library, the mother son duo decided to hang out and explore the loca.We pack some snacks and water bottles and roam around to our heart's content. We have now became familiar faces in the museum and library, the boy has befriended the security police men, the karamcharis in the museum, library and the library canteen. We also meet a lot of people doing their customary teen murti visit in Delhi Darshan programs. The boy is now so familiar with the former prime minister's residence that he has started to consider it as 'apna hi khar' :)

On one of these visits, we decided to click some pics too.

The library entrance.

The spring flowers.

Boy is fascinated by the ramp and the railing.

The prime minister's residence, back verandah.

Also, spot the boy.

The backyard where the little gandhi's grew up.

 the boy tries to break and enter in to the prime minister's office at every visit.

This drawing room might have inspired the home decor style in many Indian homes.

 The famous rose bud on the nehru jacket, our mirror selfie.

The boy made new friends in every visit.

He is expecially fond of this huge letter box that is thrice his size.

And we took mom-son selfies.

 And then we were tired, we just wanted Appa to be back from the lecture.

Appa came back wearing a 'let's go home' face. And that was the end of that day.

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