Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Panda House for Daniel

A child's attention span is anywhere between one minute to five minutes. You get them the expensive toys and you can see your money going into the trash in less than ten minutes. I am always trying to make inexpensive recycled toys and other play elements for the boy. It is one way of quick crafting for me. I don't spend a lot of time, patience or expensive supplies while making toys for the boy. It will be destroyed in a matter of minutes, so cheaper, quicker crafts is what I plan when I make stuff for him. 

We have a small collection of Panda's that comes with the Cadbury's Gems packets. Daniel is fond of them Pandas. So when a couple of friends visited us with a box of Rasgulla's, I thought I could whip up a small house for the pandas from the cardboard box cover. I used rangeela tempera colours and camel drawing ink. 

Presenting the panda house.

The doctor panda.  

The biker panda. Since my brother the biker is the only biker this boy knows, we call the panda with the helmet "maman panda".

The magician Panda.

The detachable roof. I kept the roof detachable so that the kid can take it out and put it back, like you do in a building blocks game.

The pandas are very happy with their brand new home.

The boy was thrilled too :)

See, detachable roof :)

Much love. 


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