Friday, April 25, 2014

Twin Babies :)

Inspiration comes in many ways, today it came in the form of two wee little kids :) 

It was the happiest thing today to see the twin babies Dhwani and Thanmay  Congrats Proud parents, Smitha Vallathol and Shrihari Achayath  I took my liberties to make a sketch for the little ones. I hope you guys don't mind!

My messy work desk!

Closeup of the wee little ones.

Another view.

All my best for the little ones and the parents, for now the game begins. Double fun, double love, double diapers, double hunger pangs and double tantrums! You don't know what you have signed up for yet :)

This picture was also incidentally my first goof up on this blog. It so happened when the father responded saying that Tanmay is a boy. Now that is a terrible mistake from my part, and i did a cover up too. 

Presenting tanmay in a top hat. 

Much love, 

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