Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recycled Dinosaur

The trouble with getting clothes for kids is that they grow out of them within a blink. We have never brought too many clothes for Dan. But we sure did get a lot of them as gifts, some of them he hardly wore because they didn't fit him well. Too short, too tight, too weird and all that. There was this particular striped tee he got from someone. He wore it once and then it became too small for him. The colours on it was too pretty to part with. So we ended up making a dinosaur out of it. It is so tiny that Dan carries it around while he walks, oh and he walks now, and munches on the Dinosaur's head. :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A gift for the cupcake fairy

I still do not have a camera, but the cupcake fairy a.k.a Gayatri Mishra visited my son Daniel and gifted him a Xylophone, a drum pull toy and baked chocolate cupcakes for him. The kid is in this phase of life where he does not stay still and is constantly wiggly. I took these pictures on her phone and she sent them to me today. 

I love this picture. They did get along well and talked away in baby blabber for hours! 

I love how cute the two of them look in this picture. My Grumpy Boy is meme worthy here.

For all the gifts she got for Daniel and me (yes, I got a musk perfumed oil roll on bottle), we cooked a lunch for her. Justin cooks the most fabulous chicken curry in the world. Gayatri now possess this original mixed media art piece I did last week. I have used oil pastels, acrylic paint, ball point pen and fountain pen ink on this beautifully textured handmade paper I got from Hyderabad. The lettering in the painting is of a malayalam poem I wrote long back. You can find the poem here.

The painting also matches her outfit, that is just a happy coincidence.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why I think I need another blog?

There is no special reason. The blog address with my name no spaces was available. It also feels nicer to have a new space, like getting a new notebook. So much space to fill and spill. I will be posting regularly here, or so I hope. There will be arts and crafts of all sorts and a toddler. 
I am also broke right now and do not possess a camera. So pictures will have to wait. 
On that not so special note, it is hello again. 

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