Sunday, August 18, 2013

A gift for the cupcake fairy

I still do not have a camera, but the cupcake fairy a.k.a Gayatri Mishra visited my son Daniel and gifted him a Xylophone, a drum pull toy and baked chocolate cupcakes for him. The kid is in this phase of life where he does not stay still and is constantly wiggly. I took these pictures on her phone and she sent them to me today. 

I love this picture. They did get along well and talked away in baby blabber for hours! 

I love how cute the two of them look in this picture. My Grumpy Boy is meme worthy here.

For all the gifts she got for Daniel and me (yes, I got a musk perfumed oil roll on bottle), we cooked a lunch for her. Justin cooks the most fabulous chicken curry in the world. Gayatri now possess this original mixed media art piece I did last week. I have used oil pastels, acrylic paint, ball point pen and fountain pen ink on this beautifully textured handmade paper I got from Hyderabad. The lettering in the painting is of a malayalam poem I wrote long back. You can find the poem here.

The painting also matches her outfit, that is just a happy coincidence.

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  1. Re-visited your blog and read this again today :) aww, so much fun that day was. We should meet again :) lots of love!


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