Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Watercolour Art Giveaway!

When was the last time you received something personal addressed to you by post? When was the last time you went inside a post office to buy stamps or inland letters? I am sure it must have been atleast a decade ago.

Today is a special day for us and I have decided to host an art giveaway on this blog. You have to di a very simple thing to enter yourself into this giveaway. Enter your comment on the facebook entry and tag two of your friends who might be interested in an art and craft blog like this one. You and your friends will be included in the giveaway final draw.

Two lucky people will get a chance to receive a beautiful water colour painting each by post. The art work is done on a post card. The artwork will undergo the wear and tear of the process of getting transferred through mail. Let your postman come to your doorstep and deliver them beauties to you.

 Postcard paintings!

Spring Flowers!

And love.

Enter your names today itself to win these pretty paintings. Once you receive them in good shape (now that is a risk I am taking), you can frame it and keep it or use it as bookmarks :) It is your chance to enjoy the feeling of getting art by post :)

All you have to do is write a comment here, or on the facebook post and tag two of your crafty friends who might like this space and wait for me to announce the results tomorrow evening. You can enter names till tomorrow evening.

On a different note, the first time I painted a post card and sent it off, it was sent to Tihar Jail sometime in March 2013 when she was in the Tihar Jail, Delhi. The post cards were part of a the one billion rising campaign and I sent it to Soni Sori when she was in the Tihar Jail. I hope she received them. I really hope the paintings put a smile on her face for at least a moment, given the hardships and injustices she was going through. I also hope she wins the lok sabha elections this time.


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