Monday, April 7, 2014

BiiGii and her little shop

I have decided to spread some craft love today. I have tremendous amounts of respect towards people who find time to craft even when they are supposed to be busy doing their MPhil's and PhD's. Bhuvi is one such good friend with whom I can talk about the quirks, the perks and the hardships of all things handmade. She is a passionate jewellery designer/artist who has set her little shop in facebook called biigii's little shop. When she is not looking for raw materials and spending hours carefully crafting unique, quirky, pretty statement accessories, she is doing her research in JNU. Crafting is something she talks about as her way of "creative procrastination".

Here is a sneak peek into some of my favorites from BiiGii's little shop. You can check out more stuff on her facebook page here. The descriptions she give for her creations are equally unique, when compiled together in a book they might read like a new style of poetry.

Next time when you want to wear or gift something dramatic and unique, check out what BiiGii might have in store.

Much love to Bhuvi Gupta.

Whimsical Brooches of foxes in mufflers,

Pink eared Rabbits who might take you to alice's wonderlands,

Hipster Teddys

Statement neck pieces,

Handcrafted earrings that are truly one of its kind,

This turquoise pendant is my personal favorite.

The ever popular brave and tangled necklace,

or these mismatched stunners, 

Here is another one of my favorites, beauty! 

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