Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From the sketch book: Exploring pattern

Once again, a quickie from my sketchbook.

I was flexing my pattern muscles. The sketchbook is my favorite place where I love to relax. This leaf doodle was done using sketch pens.

So much fun!

I might want to try this out in a bigger platform soon. :)

Doodling on a sketchbook is one excellent way to explore different patterns, try out different colour combinations and the best part is, you feel good after finishing a pretty page.

I currently keep three sketchbooks, one is a small sized one on which is one was sketched. We have another living room sketchbook were I sketch, and the boy sketches too :) There is also a big sketchbook which I haven't started sharing with the boy...

 This sketchbook was a gift from my cousin. It has beautiful handmade paper as pages and gives an amazing effect with sketch pens...

A lot of my previous doodling happened on exam question papers, class note books, the note pads I had in my previous corporate offices and so on. I lost some of them somewhere and I feel bad. I will be documenting my sketchbooks and journals too in this space from now on.

Watch this space for more doodles and sketches :)

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