Sunday, April 6, 2014

Doodle Shelfie

Another fun project I did for the brother's room other than the neon yellow wall art while we were in Kerala. This doodled bookcase was initially a meal safe, an antique kitchen furniture. A meal safe was used in olden times to keep plates, glasses etc displayed prettily on the top tier shelf, the second tier was covered in a wire mesh and was used to store cooked hot food. The last hidden tier covered in wood panelling was where the ancestral mommies used to hide their precious things, hand written recipe notes and so on and so forth.

This was a not so useful piece of furniture lying around in the kitchen. What is the use of a meal safe when we store cooked food in refrigerators and reheat them in our induction cooktops, microwaves, gas stoves and other such modern kitchen appliances. So one fine morning, I plotted with the brother of mine and shifted this beauty from the kitchen to his room. We found the wire mesh to be too ugly to be in a bedroom, so we tore it apart. After some brainstorming, I decided to wrap a cardboard piece in black construction paper. The doodle was a freehand one done using white correction pen. The top tier was a really nice space to keep the books that were lying around.

The before picture. 

Close up of the doodle.

Excuse the intruder in this shot :)


That was a satisfying little repurposing/ furniture makeover project.
Happy happy :)


  1. PZ, I was going through my blog roll and noticed no fewer than three blogs by you. While the others seem to have died a dusty death, am glad that you keep this one going strong. And needless to say, so envious of all that you make. I want you brother's room now.

  2. Thanks Medusa, I have always wanted to be a blogger. The problem with starting a blog for crafts, another one for illustrations etc is that you might not have time to give the attention to one thing in particular (Unless you are dedicating your life to that one particular art from.) I have realized that I have dedicated my life to 'life' and if I have to be regular with blogging, that has to be about 'life'. :) This blog I am keeping!

    1. so nicely put! and needless to say this is lovely!


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