Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Eggs 2014

Easter might celebrate Christ's resurrection or celebrate the godess Ishtaar. Whatever the reason might be, decorated easter eggs are sure a fun craft idea. Check out the eggs we made today :)

One for the father, one for the mother and one for the little boy....

Chevron egg 

I can never have enough chevron in my life. It is a simple to sketch, yet stunning pattern.

Poetry Egg 

When it comes to picking one favorite poet among many, I always always go for e e cummings. Read the full poem "and this day it was spring" here.

Flower doodle egg 

 All of them sitting pretty in a nest full of seashells. The seashells were collected from a beach in Pondicherry. When you want memories and mementos of a place for free, collect something from the nature.

I hope everyone likes my easter eggs. These were hard boiled and then given a light wash using water colours. Once the water colours dried, I used a black sketch pen to do all the drawings.

The best part about making easter eggs is the texture of a hard boiled egg. It feels like fine quality drawing paper  when you put a sketch pen to it.

Pretty pretty!

Happy Easter everyone. :)

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