Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To the new wall, new city, new country and new life!

I dont know if many people were wondering where this blog disappeared. If you have been, here is a quick note. We have shifted from New Delhi to Gottingen, a sleepy little University town in West Germany. The husband is doing his PhD and the son is doing his Kinderkrippe (pre-school). I am hoping to join for my PhD soon. It has been a long time consuming process, of packing our entire lives up and uprooting and planting it elsewhere, the elsewhere being a place where the language and the culture and the people are so different and so new from what you have seen so far. We were wading through a sea of changes and uncertainities. I have been working on tiny little art projects all the while, but didn't get the time or energy to come to this space and blog. When you have too much to handle, it is always better to shut yourself up and concentrate on things, one after the other, don't you think? Anyhow, not that we have finally completely settled down here or anything, but I have finished a wall mural in our new home and I couldn't resist sharing it with the world. May be I will take this as a starting point to start posting my little sketchy sketching adventures.

Ta da!
That is mr husband working on his desk in the background.

A little closer view.

 Not bad, huh? I have oodles of patience, I know! Also I love working on a wall. The way a wall mural transforms a space, it is beyond me. Love it. Love visualizing it, love painting it, love everything about a mural.

When you look closely, it is not so neat a work. It is messy and it is completely random.
Random is what keeps me going!

It took me about a month to finish it because I was doing it in between a lot of other odd things in life. If I had the time, I think this would have taken two-three days to finish. But sadly, I dont have that kind of time now.

The son wanted to click pictures, but he was not handed over the camera at his whim, so he gives a fussface on camera! Drama!

You and your freak wall Amma, I am not posing for it.

Then the artist tried to be all demure and all that blah!

A broom seems to be his favorite plaything everywhere.

Wizard boy riding his broom :)

See you soon again in this space :)


  1. Prabha! That's just beautiful :) I am showing it off to everyone at work!

  2. Thanks a lot Arpita :) I miss being in office, not for the work though :)

  3. its wonderful.....Prabhe.MY love to Justin and Danukkuttan.Umma.Giirjechi


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