Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pages from the life of a journal junkie

I love everything about a sketchbook journal. I relax and workout inside the pages of my sketchbook. My sketchbook has my random thoughts, ideas that needs to be worked on, designs and patterns I want to try and just about anything and everything I might want to try putting ink on.

I sketch at all times. I sketch when I am happy or gloomy. I sketch when I am in doubt. I sketch when I want to celebrate. I sketch because I know no other way to reach pure unadulterated exhiliarating bliss. I love me the most when I play with colours. Take a peek into the pages of my new sketchbook...

I am that person who doesn't start a sketchbook on the first white sheet inside, but will start working literally from cover to cover. The idea is to not waste any kind of workable surface. Cover everything with art is kind of my style :)

New sketchbook cover makeover.

Forgot to take a before picture, it was just a plain cover with some paper quality and size written on it.

 This little kitty was for daniel and was copied from elsewhere.  the flower is mine :) 

Playing with pattern is lots of fun!

Mixing poetry and paint is clearly one of my favorite techniques...

I will soon come out with a post with my interpretation of fifty shades of De. But since this grim portrait of de was part of the sketchbook, here goes :) Ria De, the bestest friend one can ever have. 

The original photograph of this birdie was much more stunning and stark!

More random doodling and sketching...

I wish I had flowers instead of hair! :)


  1. Whoa… that’s beautiful! Vitamins for the eyes :-)

  2. So awesome to stumble upon your pages! Iam a huge creative journaling maniac. I live and breathe my journals. Thanks for the looksie into your gorgeous pages!


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