Saturday, February 21, 2015

You are the butter to my bread!

This post is dedicated to the most amazing cook I am married to. The kitchen is where a lot of our hours are so lovingly spent and I wanted to add some cuteness to the kitchen wall. The illustration is not an original, I copied it from here. I wanted to keep the recipe of a bread I frequently made on the kitchen wall where I can quickly take a glance at when I am mixing it and that is how it all began. Julia Child is always a lovely lovely inspiration. 

It all worked well, don't you think? The photo frames are from the euro shop, the european equivalent to a dollar store most crafters are familiar with.

Calligraphy is another thing I want to try perfecting. Right now it is in this hopelessly amateurish enthusiast level, I know. But some day, some day!

The very cute butter and bread couple!

This is not a complete bread recipe, but it is the no knead artisan bread recipe popularized by Newyork times. I  followed the recipe I found here. It is super simple with next to no ingredients and the bread is this lovely hard crusted artisan bread type. Once you take it out of the oven, you will be surprised that you made it all by yourself! One has to go through that experience to understand the feeling :)

Some character to an otherwise boring wall!

And here is a picture of the bread I baked :) It is so pretty, it is almost an art installation. The way the bread sings in the oven, the way the patterns on the crust evolve, everything is so therapeutic. Baking helped me get through a lot of sadness and depression in the winter months spent in Germany. I am starting to understand why people move to colder weathered countries and almost immediately start posting pictures of things they cooked! When the weather is so bitter cold outside, food you make is pretty much the only warm and happy tangible thing you can have.

I could go on, but I have work to do now. See you soon.
More later.

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