Monday, February 23, 2015

There is a flower on my wall :)

Big surprise (as if) ! I have decided to make the work desk wall prettier and added a big flower! This is dedicated to all those school years making pookkalams, (flower carpets is something I would never want to call them)... Well, there is a big flower above my work desk now.

It does not look this tidy all the time, thanks to my constant mess maker. I tidied up just for the photo and minutes later, the scene became a crime scene!

I had a lot of black paint leftover from the other big wall project  and I love working with black paint. But this would look prettier even with any other colour don't you think? It is fun adding bold statement accents to plain white walls.

Not that we had a perfect white wall to begin with. The wall was covered with a certain someone's artful doodles :) What wonderful backdrop for a design!

I can even call it a collaboration project of me and the boy.

Things currently on my desk, aka deskfie!

Two lovely books I am reading and re-reading and slow-reading and translating. My sketchbook.

Spiderman and another superhero whose name I dont know, but whose head was destroyed by a certain somebody.

Bunny with a carrot, a little birdie and the ever favorite doctor panda! These are the boy's favorite people right now.

Brushes, pencils, thermometer (sigh! we were fighting recurring colds and fevers lately), big bottle of black acrylic paint, my trusted camel water colour box.

Hot pink yarn! The boring hospital like table cloth also got an arrowed makeover using, big surprise again, black acrylic paint by your's truly!


And us.

More later! Ta Ta!

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