Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flower Power Doodle Wall :)

We have this tiny shelf space in our drawing room and one fine day we thought we could give it a doodle flower power facelift. So we got into action. It took me a little over two weeks, the painting grew little by little during the boy's playtime. I call it power painting since the boy wanted to closely observe it too. At least one third of the painting was done while carrying an 18 months old boy. :)

Thus endless amounts of patience, fun and shoulder pain later, we now have it finished! Tada!

Us in action.

Now will you go play?

What did I tell you about patience? And concentration? Did I mention concentration? This was one perfect concentration workout.

And thus we reached the last day!

About inches left to paint....

A little higher!

I love the next two photographs! Did I mention the other growing wall art we have, thanks to our little toddler?

The kid observes me, he copies my style :) He even has sponged off my postures and mannerisms while painting... So much love for the little one.

Are we there yet? 

While I was finishing the biggest ever picture I have made so far, The photographer father and the assistant son were goofing around taking pictures of eyes widened in wonder :)

Just a teensy inch more...

And then, the moment! We are all done!

Now picture time!

Aren't you a teeny weeny bit crazy, amma?

I am most certainly sure that you are! :)

But I love you so, you give me piggy back rides!

Well, I used to scornfully look at people who put voice to their kid's pics and look at me now! Well, people change!

The colourful toys pop out brightly next to the black and white doodle...

So happy to be able to finish it!

Love love love!

All settled!


  1. Could you please also add information about the art material you used to make this wonderful piece?

  2. I should say i appreciate ur love and intrest and how u came up with it...... what i wish you to come up with more. Wishing also your kid in his masterpiece :D.

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone. And mercury spheres, it is nothing fancy. Just a plastered wall, a small brush and camel drawing ink. I used about 4-5 bottles of black ink. It is really inexpensive, about 35 rs per 20 ml bottle.

  4. like like like............ wow Prabha...beautifull

  5. Very very beautiful Prabha. Striking. And I love that you've done it in black and white :)

  6. Hi Prabha!
    This is rajiv (H/o: Shubha banerjee).
    Loved ur painting, more so of the young kid.
    I am sure he is getting the excellent training.
    Kudos to the painter in making and the trainer.

  7. Thanks every one. :) Priya, you are one of my favorite artists. Your comment just made me jump a little :)

  8. beautiful, the child will be influenced by it prominently

  9. Awesome....just awesome.....I am amazed by your patience, concentration, your art lady


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