Wednesday, May 21, 2014

tshirt to grocery tote bag tutorial

You might want to say no to a plastic bag when you go grocery shopping, but what is the alternative? All those shopping bags, those horrible looking monstrosities, how are you supposed to carry those around? Here is something that matches your cool quotient while being eco-friendly. Presenting before you, the re-cycled grocery bag made from an old tshirt. This does not include any complicated sewing process at all. All you need is some 15-20 minutes of your time, an old tshirt and a pair of scissors. 

First step is to pick an old tshirt that is too tight or too loud or too old for you to wear. If it has a cool print, your bag will have it too. 

Chop the hands off.

Now chop the neck off. At this point, if you are a Mallu, remember Akkare Akkare Akkare :)

Cut some fringes.

Knot them fringes. Make sure you knot it twice to make it strong.

Tie a piece of fabric to create a handle. (You can choose not to do this too.)

You are all done!

I love these fringes.

But if you are of a non fringe loving, simple bag person, trim those fringes and turn the bag inside out.

I turned it inside out and quickly scribbled a Frank Sinatra song lyric to it, you know, just to make it extra cool. :)

May be I should have saved those leftover dreams. Funny, but here's that rainy day.

In my grocery bag today,

It seriously will take 15 minutes to do this. The bag is unbelievably sturdy, it will put any of your plastic grocery bags to shame. It is washable. It is just an old tshirt.

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