Monday, May 5, 2014

Our waste not crayon

When I started this project, I was not sure about the outcome. It came out well, let me share the story. 

We had a lot of crayon bits which were too tiny for the boy to hold. My theory was since it is wax, it should melt and cool down and stay a crayon still. It worked! 

Assortment of crayon bits. 

Placed them on an old spoon.

Melt away!

Molten colourful wax, so pretty. I was still unsure how I was going to take it out of the spoon. I tried to take it out with another spoon. Then an idea struck me.

I put it over the stove for a micro second and viola, a smooth round pretty crayon effortlessly slipped into my hand!

These scientists, they must feel pretty incredible, huh?

Not a bit of crayon will go wasted in this house, like ever! 

Much love, 

1 comment:

  1. Oh Prabha I love this idea....there are lots of crayons that my little son cannot hold in his hand....what a brilliant way to create some amazing colors...


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