Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ice cream stick family

Summer is hitting Delhi. Most of our trips outdoors are accessoried with icecreams. Whether it is Winter or Summer, you will find various brands of ice creams in these tiny bicycle carts. Our first choice is Mother Diary. But then we couldn't resist the creambell Sachh Muchh Aam. It was seriously sachh muchh aam :)

The ice creams came in a stick, a peculiar shaped stick which I found ideal to make a miniature family for the boy.

Thus the tiny ice cream stick family was born.
There is the appa, the amma and the boy.

I used sketch pens to make these free hand drawings on the ice cream sticks. 

Amma and Appa watching the boy play with the balloons...

Amma holding the boy.

And here is Appa holding the boy.

This was the suchh muchh aam raw material :)

Amma and Appa can have some alone time too, eh?

But not for too long... The boy was too keen to put himself back in the picture :) This is exactly how he behaves in real life too at times :P

Shuffling and playing...

More play. More fun.

Shaking the ground beneath a little, are we?

Appa and the boy, chilling in a paper boat.

Paper Boat :)

Just how did you make this again?

Us in a boat.

Row, row, row.

Appa and Amma trying to have a cliche'd Titanic moment in the paper boat.

Closer is Better!

Much love.

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