Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rock people rock

So I painted some rocks. A woman with red dress, bright yellow leggings and stylish bangs, another woman in a bright patterned salwar kameez, a bearded man in a striped t shirt and jeans, a bald headed moustached man in a white kurta pajama. One big rock for the body, one small rock for the head. There is a lot of fun involved in this, you just keep scrolling down. 

The very chic lady. 

Stripes are so in.

So is the salwar pattern.

I am sure everyone knows at least one Uncle who looks like this dude.

Fun story, I was sitting in the courtyard, taking pictures of my rock people. I spent a long time arranging and rearranging my rock people, giggling all the way.  Father was sitting close by, reading his newspaper. He now believes that I have gone crazy.

Now if the bearded man wants to wear the red frilly dress with bright yellow leggings, he totally can! :) No body is going to judge him in this tiny online space of mine. If the girl with the bangs want to rock the striped tee with a jeans, she can too. It is all cool here.

Same rule applies to the bald headed man in a salwar, the woman in her white kurta pajama.

Incidentally, if the old man wants to wear a trendy tee or the elderly woman wants to wear a frilly dress, that is also cool in this space.

These ones can go traditional too.

 All four of them!

 Use any head on any body, have fun! I used fabric paint on the stones.

The boy played with it for a minute or two and then he started throwing them stones at me.
It hurts, ouch!

Final Verdict: Appropriate for kids who are three years or more. Keep out of reach of troublesome 19 month olds who are in that weird phase of throwing everything. Stay out of their throwing track incase they get hold of these.

Have fun.

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