Friday, May 9, 2014

Art Sanity by Elika

I am really thrilled to feature on more friend who craft on this blog. Meet Elika and her jewellery line "Artsanity". Stunning is one word to describe the collection. She has beautifully and intricately beaded neck pieces and earrings inspired mostly from nature. Her collection named "Hill women" is a steal, you just can't stop admiring the aesthetically and painfully crafted artistic ornaments. If you are looking to add some drama to your life, check out elika's artsanity. 

Here is a sneak preview into her collection. Some of my favorites. 



Ah, oh has to love this neon number!

My fav from the hill women collection.

Yellow Bliss.

Elika has taken beaded ear rings to a different level altogether. 

Check out this chevron piece of pie :) 

And here is the crafter rocking this beauty.

Hammered Brass, storm burst and fruit burst. 

This reminds me of a seed pod. So pretty. Check out the detailing involved in the beading...

 Another intricately woven piece by elika.

And finally, for the daring spirit in you, the warrior girl earrings.
Absolutely pretty.

Do check out her facebook page for more updates on her creations. Three cheers to friends who craft. 

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