Thursday, February 19, 2015

Similar but not the same

So I spent some 15 minutes today to play around with two techniques and a same style and it ended in two sketches that are similar but not the same.

For the first one, I first painted the whole thing and then sketched the outline once everything was semi-dry. 

 And the second one was done the other way round, first I doodled with my sketchpen and then filled it all with colour.

I decided to stick to the same colour pallette so that I will know how it will look like in the end.
When one is a self taught artist, one has to try out stuff to learn stuff. Not bad, eh?

Which one do you guys prefer? I cannot decide myself, I like them both. I dont even know if the technique differences count in the end product. I personally like the process of painting first and then sketching more because it gives me a freedom to improvise as I doodle. But the other way round is fun too. 

Write to me, let me know your thoughts in comments!

Tschuss! (That means bye in German! I know, I am showing off. )

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