Sunday, April 13, 2014

anybody can doodle

Dan was a wee little fellow when I saw this story about an artist collaborating with her four year old kid to create wonders. Check it out here. I wanted to try collaborating with the boy, but I couldn't wait till he becomes four. So I decided to try at 18 months. I handed over the adult tempera colours. It was unfamiliar territory for him. He was used to crayons and sketch pens, pencils and regular pens. This was new.

He was hesitant to put his fingers into the tiny tubs of paint. I made him dip his fingers. He freaked out in the beginning when he saw paint on his fingertips. Then I showed him how to dip fingers in paint and use it for finger painting. He made some strokes.

I had to hand him his sketch pens after a few minutes of finger painting.

The finished toddler art.

And then the mother gave the toddler art piece a wash with water colours. Finally the mother doodled all over it and folded it and made it into a greeting card for the father.

Here is the final product.

Since the kakka aka crow is his favorite word (he sometimes wakes up uttering the word kakka), I decided to put that down in the card along with a little crow on a tree branch. 

Fishes from the mother.

And butterflies from the son.

The crow.

Doodle triangles.

Us, the Doodlers.

This signature will be used for future collaborations from the mother and son. :)

That's all folks.

NB: The father of the boy liked the greeting card. :)

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