Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wax Resist Tutorial

This is a very basic water colour technique which can be put to use in all kinds of projects. The supplies required are very minimal.

You will need a sketchbook, wax crayons, water colours and sketch pens.

The first step is to do a simple sketch using wax crayons.

Next step is to paint over the crayon sketch using watercolour. This is a quick one, not very neatly done. Excuse that.

Next and final step is to give an outline and a simple design all over with a sketch pen.

A nice background will give a stunning effect to just about anything. I tried to put the same design as a background for a simple lettering.

It is nice to look at just the wax crayon and watercolours, don't you think? I couldn't resist the temptation of keeping my bunch of easter eggs next to the sketch. 

Once again, excuse the shabby quick sketch.

Final outlines all done.

This might look good if framed and put up on a wall, don't you think?

You are so loved!  My boy with the sketch. :)

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