Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two weeks sunken in books

I have taken a long break from the blog, one reason being my preparation for an exam. But then there was an exciting second reason. I just got into this obsessive marathon reading. I was studying and then I was taking breaks to read. I was constantly reading for the past two weeks and I have to admit, it was like holiday. I have two pending craft projects and one finished project waiting to be blogged about, but I will come to them slowly.

Here is how the obsessive binge reading started. I was bored with studying and I thought I will read one book I had started and dropped some time back. This book was given to me by Gaya. One thing led to another and I entered the most interesting reading marathon I had in a long time.

So Mindy Cho'kaling'am won me over in half a day or so. 
I thought I should read something else and chose Gone Girl. That book was a pure thriller delight and my mind was completely blown. 

Gone Girl is such a demanding book, you will need something funny and light to get over it. I asked Gaya again to suggest me something. She said she will send me something. But then I was desperate to start something already so that I can get over Gone Girl. That is when I started reading Kitchen Confidential.Also this is when Puja joined our little book exchange club. Now it is Gaya, Puja and me overwhelming each other with e-books.  

Anthony Bourdain's journey to become the chef that he is was quite an interesting and different world, I could get Gone Girl off my mind a little. Then Gaya came back with her promised getovergonegirl book. 

Bernadette was another Gone Girl of sorts, but it ended nicely and lightly. It was a feel good Gone Girl, don't you think, Gaya? Any way, it was time for some young adult reading and I moved on to 'The fault in our stars'. 

Fault in our stars was not the regular 'star crossed' teen love story. It was a weirdly cute, sad sweet story. The sweetness made me move on to something more solid. I chose our good man Dawkins. 

I am currently reading The God Delusion, but this happens with me all the time when I read Non-Fiction. I will need another Fiction to keep me entertained while reading Non-Fiction. God Delusion is perhaps the best and engaging and not to mention stimulating Non-Fiction I have read in a while. But I am basically a fiction devour-er and I need to need to have it at all times. So I chose to pair God Delusion with a tale for the time being. So far, I am happy with both these books. They are progressing well and I am studying well too. This is my best balanced reading phase right now. 

All this book joy brought me to this wonderful idea, of sharing the book love once in a while in this blog. Anyone who cares to read and discuss any of these books can comment. I will be more than happy to share an e-copy of books I have. I will update my reading list in this space, possibly with brief reviews from time to time. As for these books, I enjoyed reading all of these. Nothing disappointed. 

Happy reading. 

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