Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Farm Animals we met

 In Delhi, chicken was the frozen meat that came in a packet which we cooked and ate. In Kerala, chicken are those pretty two legged runners who makes his evenings lively. After a month long chicken rearing and chakka-manga-thenga-perakka hunting, we decided to go meet some new farm animals. We went to meet a local farm in Neendoor, Kottayam called JYes Farm where the boy met lots of strange new living things. 

For example the goose. 

Or the strange and ancient Emu. The emu gave him the scare of his life. The boy now calls every bird kakka ( crow). Emu was a big scary kakka he met. He was excited and bewildered to meet this gigantic bird. That night he woke up in his sleep crying "kaakka"!! This is the boy's second nightmare, the first was on that dreadful night last year when he met the Ganesh Chathurthi Yo yo honey singh enthusiasts on the road in a traffic jam.

We like jumping around. 

Like, a lot. 

See, maamaa, Kaakka!!!

Ammachi and the boy.

The boy made friends at the park.

And sat next to a huge cart wheel which was brightly painted!


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