Thursday, November 21, 2013

When someone decided to teach mamma how to sweep the house like a boss!

So first we start with the balcony. 

You know, lift up empty shoe racks and sweep underneath. Why, may I ask, is the said shoe rack empty? Because we like to munch on shoes whenever we feel like munching! Gah! How long will you go on teething?

Coming back to the actual sweeping rather than giving out pointless blabber about teething toddlers, we sweep under shoe racks and then we dust shoe racks! This is how it is done, freak woman! Learn something already!

And then we sit down and pick small particles of dust. This is how we "close a deal" perfectly.

We always hug our tools. Like you the laptop, I the broom!
(I have always looked down on mommies who put words into the kids mouths! I couldn't resist doing this myself. Kill me! If crazy cat ladies can do this, I can do this too. I might be the crazy baby lady, Shhh..........)

So continuing with the baby voice over, we move to other rooms....

We sweep under the baby stroller/ laundry basket. (Since Dan is no longer a baby and will not sit in a stroller anymore without jumping out of it and causing mini heartattacks to amma, we found a new way to use the stroller. We take it out to the balcony, we fold our dried clothes, we push the stroller to the closet, we transfer the folded clothes. In actuality, now nobody goes to the closet for clean clothes. Everyone knows that clean clothes can be found folded/not folded on the baby stroller! So yea, the baby stroller is now the closet of this entire household. You want clean underwear, check the baby stroller :P

And amma finishes her blabber about stroller-closet, we proceed to the dining area.

And then we clean the surfaces of little chairs, and we clean the insides of little chairs. This chair also doubles as the toy collection basket.

And finally we sweep the drawing room. When we sweep the drawing room, we don't pick toys and keep it away in inassessible places. We let it be. This is how boys do things! Check the Tee! :) Teehee!

This is how it is done. The house is now pronounced clean! Also I am pretty sure the kid will file a case against me for posting his childhood activities in fake detail. I like to bail out with love.

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