Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That boy in Yellow Socks!

This is the nice phase of Delhi Winter. All you have is a nice cool weather, bright clothes to layer with and more importantly bright coloured socks!

Soon it will be super depressing bone piercing cold. Before that mood sets in, here is some cheer in the air.

Presenting the boy with the bright yellow socks :)

The boy is happy with his choice of socks, obviously.

And the boy's mom is clearly obsessed with pretending that the boy just loves to read Malayalam Alphabet all the time :P Self praise much!

And there, the boy has visitors.

Ardra and Archa in conversation with the boy :)

And games with Ashok :)

And the boy decided to raid some lady handbags....

And pull out phones and headphones....

While mom tried desperately to get a perfect arial shot, which never really happened.

And then the show off that mom is, cannot really exclude her experiments with poetry and paint, can she , like ever? 

Excuse this thus. 

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