Monday, October 28, 2013

From the sketchbook: mixing poetry and paint

This post includes two works in which I have tried to mix paint with poetry. One was posted a little earlier in this blog when the cupcake fairy visited Daniel. The pink shaded painting must be leading its bright life with her. The yellow shaded sketch is with me, safe inside my sketchbook. Presenting the poetry meets paint pictures. 

Both these pictures were done using all kinds of paint that was lying around at the time when it was done. The artist just made use of whatever came handy. I can comfortably say thus that motherhood transformed me into a mixed media artist. As long as the colour and the effect is just right, I no longer have faithful attachments to any single medium alone. I use whatever paper and paint that is near me to sketch. 

Here is pic 1. 

And here is pic 2.

I also spent some very valuable time playing around using the image and the computer software I have. These are one click changes I could see using picasa. However, I must say I like the original much better than the technological manifestations. 

What do y'all think? 

This looks like a fancy shmancy xray of a picture or something. 

If you pass this picture to me and tell me that this is some elaborate cell division happening inside the brain of a dragonfly, I would buy that perhaps. 

And these two reminds me of this awesome hippie pants I once owned. 
Technology these days! 

Now that I have had my share of fun playing with colours using picasa, I should rush to meet my other deadlines! Byeze. 


  1. Totally loved it. I liked the digital modifications also. Especially the red and black one. JUST WOW! the only problem with that is that you can't read the poetry. In love with your work as always :)


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