Saturday, September 7, 2013

Accessories for the little ladies

 The boy was teething and was not letting me work. I work from home on a million little freelance projects so that I can put the jam and butter onto the bread the husband provides while I live my life as a stay at home mom. Now a boy who is teething is a pain to look at. He is cranky all the time and needs constant attention. Remember the pain you had when your wisdom teeth were popping out. Now add that pain to a very innocent, oblivious to sharp pains infanthood. Pretty tough it must be. 

The point is, he would be even more cranky if I let him play while turn on the laptop to sit and work. He knows that when Amma does that, he has to now play alone while she types away like a maniac. We ended up not working till the bad phase of teething was over. I could always hold tiny fabric pieces and work on small little crafts while he played. As long as I kept the laptop away, he was happy. It resulted in a big batch of hair clips and brooches made out of recycled fabric. A peek into a couple of them follows. 

I gifted it to all my lovely little friends in the neighbourhood. I still have to send a small batch to a dear friend's daughter, which I will do probably tomorrow. 

Here is Anvi didi wearing the pretty pink hair clip while holding Dan. She was very happy to have the gift. I am making some more for her. 

Here is a close up view of the hair clip. Rolled Roses are an aboslute delight, don't you think? 

Daniel and Anvi Didi in the park :) 

   Here is another little didi of Daniel's rocking a hair clip. She doesn't sit still :) My efforts to get a close up shot of her wearing the clip was lost on her. 

If you are wondering how the red clip looks like, this is how! The blue one also went to her. I need to take a picture later. 


  1. nice...i didnt notice any teething problem in my little ones when i was a young mother...How much i miss that Prabhe...but then a lot of worries barred me frm fully enjoying it..I envy you you are enjoying or intensely living in each moment of motherhood.....theres a poem abt a mother who went away for higher studies leaving her baby behind..All nights when she was alone she will dream her tiny baby.......കണ്‍ മണി യാമവൻ ക്രീഡന ലാലസൻ തൻ നെഞ്ചിലൂടെ കമഴ്ന്നിഴയും.....but when she returns he was a strange big boy!..And there are lot of poems written by Balaamani amma abt childhood and knowledge etc.....anyway am so happy.....

  2. i mean that poem is by Balaamani Amma.....but now i dont remember the name...She is agreat poet who went throu deep layers of culture and human mind.


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