Friday, May 13, 2016

Let's build a play house!

Summer vacation is here and we have turned our 'let's entertain the kid indoors' mode on. It is too hot to go out during the day and without school and friends, the kid is bored as bored can be.

We made a play house for our little toy friends on the second day. All we used was old newspapers and old dupattas.

Here is how to make it.

Step 1: Take two sheets of newspaper and roll it tightly. Secure it with clear tape.

Step 2: Attach three paper rolls using clear tape to form a triangle. This is our basic brick to make the house. Now all we did was to make more triangles like this, attached them to each other until we found a desirable shape. 

We are getting there slowly, one triangle at a time. 

Each triangle unit was attached to each other with clear tape. I think now we have our structure ready. We chose a pyramid shape for our house. 

Final Step: Pick old duppattas of your choice and drape your house. Since my son's favorite colour is Orange, we went for two Orange shaded duppattas. Final step is ofcourse to shift all your lovely toys into the new playhouse! 

Voila! House! 

We are very happy with the results!

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