Monday, March 2, 2015

The Efficient German imported Himalayan Lazy Garlic grown in China

This is a garlic pod. It usually have multiple cloves of garlic which needs to be peeled, right? 

Now since we are in a country that boasts of their efficiency, here is a small example. Presenting the efficient garlic we got today.

When you peel it, it is one single garlic pod that can be sliced up like any onion you might have seen in your life.

The world that cooks with Garlic knows what this means! How awesome this feels! If this is a genetically mutated abomination, then I say, bring it on, Germans!

Now take a moment to think about this creation. Those who cook will know the repurcussions of a garlic pod like this.

Laters, garlic baby.

PS: It is actually himalayan efficiency. And it is called Himalayan Lazy Garlic :) Bring it on, exporters.

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